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Advice Please-anyone whos changed subjects

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Hi All.

Im studying for my degree with the first year in an FE college.

Now I think its ok however.The students at the university(10 mins drive away so not a huge distance) have a wider choice of modules they can study.They get to chose any 6 from many many modules all offered on the degree.

Weve been told we have to do the modules the FE college offer we dont get to choose and to be honest some of them just arent interesting me.We have all been told we cant choose anything new next year although we cant drop things.

I really really want to do criminality and criminal justice to go with sociology and Psychology but its not offered at our college.

How difficult do you think it would be to change subjects and ask if I can study Criminality with the other students at the university and drop one of my subjects weve had forced on us( like English literature which franky is definitely not my cup of tea at all)

Is there any point in formally approaching the university and college properly and asking them.It will affect my career of i dont do criminality and it seems unfair that we cant choose but the students at the university can when were within an easy travelling sistance and id be more than willing to travel there.


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