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how many to do??

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as the careers advice at my college is piss poor i was wondering if you lot would be able to help me out.

i've just started to study my a/s levels at the moment i am doing chemistry, biology, and sports studies. i was also doing maths but gave this up as this was at another campus and cause to much hassle with travelling and it was really hard too.

so i'm abit confussed as whether to carrying on studying three a/s or so another to make it four. i'm on the waiting list to get onto english lang as it's the only one thats available to me that strikes me with any interest.

however the last year i did the first year of a BTEC nd in media production which is worth an a/s or an a level i'm still trying to find out which from my old lectucter.

i'm just managing to cope at the moment with three but i'm worried that four might push my stress levels over the top and that would make my other subjects suffer

any advice would be great!! thanks for listening!!:D
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    My advice would be to take up another AS, for the following reasons:

    When applying to uni, you have to remember that there are people who would have done 4/5 AS levels. So say you've applied for a course, where they have to choose between you and one other person, your work experience is the same, your references are identical and you have identical grades. Now the other person has done 4 AS's and you have done 3. Who is most likely to get the place? Because doing 4 shows that you can cope with the new system, so it would show the admissions officers that if you can handle that, you can handle a degree course!

    That's prob what the careers people at my college would say to me! If you are having a bit of trouble getting to grips with the workload (cos I took Chem and Bio and I appreciate they are difficult) have a chat with your personal tutor, cos I did that and we were able to sort out a time plan etc and it really helped me out.

    Good luck, hope this helps
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    I agree with go_away. I think you should take up the fourth subject, and at least give it a try. I did 3 A-Levels myself, and 1 AS in Year 12, which I didn't pursue. I picked up another in Year 13, and although I dropped it after a term, I advise you to stick it out because it's definitely worth it. Especially on paper!
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    Im in my first year of a degree and I have to study 6 subjects in my first year. The Level obviously is higher than AS level.

    IF you cant show that you can cope with studying 4 subjects it doesnt bode well for doing 6 in your first year does it?

    Youll be fine, find something you think you'll enjoy.It doesnt necessarily have to be something youve done before.I love psychology but Id not done it before it was included in my A level style course I did. Dont be afraid to try something new.:)
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    although i can see where everyone is coming from i think you should just stick to 3 because of the work load. i think you would be better off getting 3 higher grades than 4 lower ones
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