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New Hunt Commences 23rd of September

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Oh my God - It is that time again - the 23rd of September begins the University of Huddersfield 'Fresher Phenomenon' - let's get it on bad boys and hunt the campus for attractive 'new' young women . . .

Any tips people for the best hunting techniques - I can't decide between giant mouse trap or snare net ?

What do you lot think ?


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    ah.. the glorious "fuck-a-fresher" week.....

    parents are gone, alcohol is in and inhabitions are out of the window...

    Do you know i once walked away from a perfectly good threesome just becasue the other bloke involved was a virgin, and really fancied the girl ?

    Even I'm disgusted by me. :mad:

    As for hints, the freshers ball is a good place to start...

    Other than that you could try being the easiest to find dealer... that way they come to you, and you know the ones coming are not overly burdened by morals.

    Really i think, if you need help pulling freshers you may already be beyond help... ;)
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