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the friend, her wieght and her sister.

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so here's my problem...

whenever i do things with my best friend the only thing that she talks about is her weight, she is not fat at all but she is convinced that she is huge. She has never done anything drastic yet like starving herself (thank alot) but she is constantly talking about her weight, saying that she needs to lose 40 pounds, seriously (she only weighs 135) and she is always talking about taking diet pills and starving herself. when she sees obviously anorexic people, she is acutally jelous, i and her other friends have told her many many times that she does not need to lose any weight and that if she did she would be sickly looking. i have tried all i could but she doesn' t listen and tells me that i am the biggest liar and gets mad


she has a younger sister who is 13. she takes her everywhere. it wouldn't really bother me but she annoys me extremly. she is always making fun of the way i dress and calling the music i listen to crap and anything else she can think of that would piss me off. my friend knows that she does this, she can see it. anyway, she takes her everywhere we go and when she isn't with she always feels bad for her (i can understand sisterly love, but this goes beyond) now i have told my friend that either her sister needs to be nicer or i dont' want her to be around. I have tried telling her that she needs to hang out with people her own age and get some friends that she does stuff with (she does have friends) besides we are all going to be off to college next year and she's going to be alone and what is that going to do to her. but everytime i try to rationally talk to her about it she gets extremly pissed and doesn't even consider the facts that her younger sister really does need to find people of her own.

so after a long time, these 2 things have just really gotten to me, almost to the point where i would rather not do anything at all with her. any ideas?? and she is my best friend, she has stuck by me thru all the shit that i have done and when my other friends have left, she doesn't let any of the shit i do affect our friendship and i don't want it to end.


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    make it so she can read wat u just wrote?
    i thnk if she did she wud understand alot more.

    one of my friends went threw a stage of thinkin she was fat and she wouldnt eat. we are still at skool tho and they checked on her at lunch and break to make sure she ate and didnt just throw her food away. we broke the habit of not eating for her.
    maybe you should try taking your freind out to eat and just kinda makin her eat things, i know you cant force her but she must be really hungry if she isnt eating much. its a case of findin something she really craves and then surounding her with it. that should help.
    hope ive been of some kinda of help
    chelle xx
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Firstly, be blunt about her little sister. Tell her you'd like to spend some time with her without her sister being there too.
    Then, the weight problem. My sister is the same. It may be some kind of call for attention, and if so she will eventually get bored of it. however if it's not, there isn't much you can do at the moment, except reassure her she's not fat. If she does do something drastic liking taking diet pills you could put her in contact with a councilor or someone she could talk to who could help her deal with her problem. :)
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