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Alrite Im Jay!

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hi im jay and im from london boyz girlz have fun tonight i bet u 10 nifts that ur laying next to ur misses thinking i love u or ur just on the computer like a nerd wishing u had a misses but dont worry mate ur have one soon well speek to ys latez im going for a shag.
Drugs are bad as peopel say but fuck it. i say if u like it do it if u dont, dont do it. its like sex do u like sex? THE ARNSER ISYES am i right or wot. i fort that the best drug in the would was skunk i uset to love it. but my misses dont so i said fine are quit but did i did i fuck i went and bourt a 1g of charlie and a 8th of skunk fucket my misses and went to bed.

all i just said to u, u probily think wot a london tosser. but lit me say something eles.

do anyone like boxing well my job is strange, you know. for me to support my family, i get hit.

promotors:'hmm, i like to keep my friends close and my enemies closer.'


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