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Trip Report - 5-MEO-DMT

SystemSystem Posts: 8,649 Staff Team
I wrote these notes during and just after the trip, which was intence, I really like this chemical but I have a slightly strange relationship with it because it doesnt seem to like me or my body.

This was about 10mg (dont eyeball this stuff unless you know) smoked in a bong without water.

- First rushes over me, waves, physical, distortions rather than colour changes, meshes over things, thier boundaries moving in pale colours of yellow and blue, gentle swaying, moving, slight sickness.

- Waves of euphoria, love, understanding, ego loss, conection with the world, body melting

- Always nature clear through the window, the leaves crystal clear, nature, only man-made things need to be changed. I feel conected to the earth again, at peace

- My neck aches

- I think deeply about my relationship, I've never seen this side of the drug before, quiet, medative.
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