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Unable to Eat

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Hi, I'm new to this site and am currently having a number of problems that I really need some help with, and someone to talk to about.

Due to a recent shock, discovering my 'boyfriend' no longer feels the same way about me, I have been having huge problems eating. The mere thought of food makes me feel sick. I do make myself eat, because I know I have to, but I eat very very little in a day. I've been like this over a week now and am getting quite thin. My 'boyfriend' is so distant towards me, never showing any affection or hugging me anymore, so he hasn't noticed anything different.

I contacted the emergency triage doctor last week, and was prescribed some sleeping tablets. I was told that if I could sleep, (which I haven't been doing) then I would be able to eat, and would generally feel better in myself.

It hasn't really been working though. I feel so terribly depressed and unhappy when I wake up and still can't eat.

Does anyone have any advice?


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    I kind of have this and the sleeping probs and other stuff right now. I suppose the reasons for your not eating are different to mine (see Relationships forum, thread by me somewhere in there).

    You should probably sort out this stuff with your boyfriend. If he no longer feels the same way about you then why are you with him? This just seems to be prolonging any misery and problems you are having.

    You should probably see your doctor again too...hmmm, and I should follow my own (and everyone elses) advice.

    If you need anyone to talk to in a similar(ish) situation or anything then you can PM me anytime and natter on MSN. I really don't mind. :)

    Good luck to you, hun. x
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    Sounds like you need some 'sticky bun therapy'! If you are feeling crappy, and can't mange a proper meal, eat whatever you fancy (icecream, crisps, chocolate etc) to get a bit of energy into your body.

    Then make an appointment to see your family doctor, who can have a proper chat about what's wrong, and who isn't in a hurry to see lots of people who are having emergencies. Perhaps the sleeping pills are not the right treatment for you.

    If your boyfriend has 'gone off you', but is still keeping you hanging on, it's time to have a very serious conversation with him.

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    I was in exactly the same situation as you last year (and i have a feeling i am getting into the same one now, only he's just broken up with me :(, and two yoghurts in 36hrs is not enough to keep you healthy.. oops), and i do the same - it's like comfort eating, only the opposite, instead of eating loads when you're depressed, you dont eat anthing. The sleeping thing is probably connected to how you feel, but i doubt it's causing your lack of wanting to eat anything - and it's not lack of hunger, cos you do feel hungry, you just physically cant find anything you want to eat, and everything else makes you feel sick. All i can say is the same that's been said before - if you can find ANYTHING you want to eat (even if it is ice cream for breakfast, or funny combinations like taramasalata on apple, or Cinnamon grahams - boxes and boxes of them, which is all i lived on last year), do anything you can to get hold of them and eat them. And go and see a doctor, they can do things to help, not just stick you on sleeping tablets (which i was also on!) PM me if you want someone to chat to, i know what it's like, and im perfectly happy to talk about it/be there for you.
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    Hey there! The same thing has happened to me in the past when i was having a bad time in relationships. I realised i had some kind of eating disorder after a while and managed to force myself to eat better. So im sure in a bit you will stop doing this. However if you dont have enough will power then its probably better to see your GP. Good luck hun! Try not to worry too much! :)
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