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Deppression Question

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I wake up every single morning dreadful. It is incredibly hard for me to get out of bed, I hate school more then anything, my dad ran out on me when I was 10, my moms a drunk, where poor and live in a trashpark, and straight f's.

It sucks. I don't have motivation to do anything at all anymore. I can't focus in class and everything is just awful. I have a few friends in school but there not very close. I used to try hard in school but every time I got my papers back, it was typically F's and that really just tore me down to a point where I don't even try anymore. I just feel like its all a waste of time.

Sorry for all the I statements

Bottom line: Is this depression and should I try to see a doctor? I've been like this for about a year now.

, Thanks for reading


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    Hi shane,

    Welcome to TheSite :wave: We're really glad that you've found us and well done for opening up about everything that's going on right now.

    Looking at the time you posted this, you were awake in the early hours and it also sounds like these dreadful mornings are becoming a pattern for you and it's really starting to get you down :(

    Your dad leaving and your mum's issues are a lot for you to go through and cope with and it sounds like school is really tough right now too and that these events in your life have had an impact.

    Depression can sometimes set in when we take a lot of knocks from life and things start to feel hopeless. I wonder if you do have anyone you trust that you can confide in about how you're feeling and if that would feel like something you could do?

    Finding someone to talk to and also making time to do things that you enjoy that put you in contact with other people is really important in terms of staying mentally well. None of us were built to cope with anything all on our own.

    We have some info on depression which might be useful for you to read and certainly seeing your doctor is a really good first step in terms of having the chance to talk about how things are and finding out what support might be available.

    This article on looking after yourself also has some really good tips in terms of how you can start to help yourself and lift your mood a little.

    Let us know how you're getting on and feel free to vent or to tell us more about how things are, we're here to listen and help if we can :yes:
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