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How do I get my mum out more with out people bossing her about

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Here we go??

My mum parnter claimes that hes house bound as he fat thing. He got a high rate of dla as he saying he cont go out he cont get out of bed when he can he goes in the launge to the sky and goes to hosptial appooments.

If he can so things like that, he cont be house bound can he??

He contols my mum which its not fair if I want to go out have time with my mum he makes her to say no to me. He cont say that its up to my mum. I never get time with her when she in the house as she in the bedroom with her :(

They argued again today and I wanted to get her out for some air I cont ask he say no she staying with me u can go out on ur own. Like "I need her more then u" I need her as much as he needs her as iam ill and need her help too :*(. As I can be rwally bad too. Most of the time she
In the bedroom with the nob. Like I dont acsist at all iam in visible. He turned around to me today can I have some money as iam short off bills. Beause I had toput money In her bank as she was short of money for sky. That come out my money from social for christmas.

Cut to the point I want to take my mum out how do I do it and get her to stand up to him and say iam going out. I know he say no as he wants her to herself


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I think first step would be to have an honest and open conversation with your mum about how you feel - is this something you have done or feel you could do? If your mum knew exactly how you've been feeling about this situation then it might end up helping the both of you.
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