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Royal Mail - Possibly lost item (eBay woes)

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I bought 2 items on eBay. They were replacement screens for a work-friends phone I said I'd fix for her. Been a nightmare.

The seller sent me a defective product the first time, I sent it back first class signed for, asked the seller if he'd received the item (he's in China, works through a warehouse in Manchester) and he said he hasn't heard news of the item being returned to the warehouse. I've lost my tracking number receipt so I can't tell if he's lying or not (I asked him before I said I've lost my tracking number and he said he hadn't heard so I don't know.)

I bought another screen, another defective one so I'm pretty pissed. Sent that back, I kept the tracking number and it says its been collected in Manchester and was posted by the Worsley offices.

I asked at the Post Office I sent the item from if they have a log of packages that have been sent (I asked a week after of suspected no delivery) and he said there isn't. It's a fairly small Post Office but he said without my number he can't check if someone has signed for it and that's all he would be able to do because it's not tracked. He said I could attempt at calling the local delivery offices to see if there's any packages they could look for but it's a long shot - now I know what office it would have been sent from in Manchester, is it likely they'll find my package if I give them the details/description of the package?

Is there anything I can do to request a refund for this item through eBay, and the other if he decides not to issue a refund? I have photographs of the item being defective and the seller has received a fair amount of negative feedback for defective products/no refunds in the past month (2 being for the same replacement screens from other buyers.)

I believe I can file a case for a refund if I can prove I sent the first package back (even if he hasn't received it on his end), any other ways I can prove I sent it back?


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    If you've not got any proof of postage, you might struggle proving it. I don't think you need proof of delivery to start a refund claim but I would imagine some kind of receipt from the post office showing that you sent it back would be needed at the very least.

    Saying that, eBay almost inevitably side with the buyer over the seller, so you could chance your arm and go for it. You've informed the seller of the defect, they already have shitty feedback saying that they sell broken products, you should file a claim.
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    Sorry if you already did this......Did you look at the seller's feedback?

    The moral of your 'story' is not to buy anything from abroad. I learned that when I bought an expensive camera lens some years ago.
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    I did check the sellers feedback but I took a chance, it was shipped within the UK warehouse, just made in China where the seller was from. I ended up giving up trying to claim it back and decided not to buy anything from his store again in the future and left negative feedback. He did give me a refund for the second item though, it's my own fault for losing the first postage receipt, I'll make copies in the future.
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