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laws on drug supply.

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if you bought drugs off of a dealer for your friends, being in the form of acid, what consequences are likely?
Is there anyway to get out of it? Is there anyway you could be let off easy?
What laws are being broken and how?


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    Heres a link: http://www.thesite.org/drink-and-drugs/drugs-and-the-law/if-caught-with-drugs-9584.html

    yes could as ur involved in it buying the stuff for someone as thats class as a drug dealer even u not Smoking it. The onley y out off it not to buy it and say no iam not doing it. Dont get involved in it. Onley other u can is if they snitch or u get cought doing it. U just tell them the truth if they say anything.
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    I don't think you'd get "let off easy" at all because by the sounds of it, you're buying and also dealing which is very serious in the eyes of the law. I doubt you'd get a prison sentence if this is your first offence? I'm not certain though. You might get a suspended sentence, community service, I'm not sure but it's very unlikely you'll get let off with nothing.
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    JamesJames Deactivated Posts: 1,706 Extreme Poster
    Hey casuallife,

    It sounds like you're a bit concerned about the possible legal consequences of buying acid for friends. That's an understandable worry, so it's great that you're looking for some answers.

    It might be worth taking a look at Release's site - those guys are specialists in the law around drugs and provide advice via the phone and email (020 7324 2989, ask@release.org.uk). They should be able to provide you with a more specific answer to your question :)

    Hope that helps
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    SkiveSkive Posts: 15,284 Skive's The Limit
    Whowhere wrote: »
    Depending on the type of drug, the maximum penalties are severe. Think upto 15 years for supplying Class A and you get the picture.
    If your friends want drugs, let them sort themselves out.

    Whilst that's what you COULD get, in reality the punishment wouldn't be anywhere near as harsh.

    I've always sorted drugs out for mates and they do the same for me. It's not big business. Getting caught with enough acid for half a dozen of you is very unlikely to get you a custodial sentence. When I did Community Service there were several people doing it with me who'd been caught for dealing far high quantities of class A drugs.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    In reality, nobody receives a custodial sentence for a first time offence (discounting indictable offences like murder, rape, etc). Prison is generally a last resort. 15 years in prison would probably be the case if you'd be caught doing the same thing much more than once and hadn't been cooperative with them in the past. More likely for a first offence like this one would be maybe a fine, community service, house arrest, maybe a combination of the above. You would get a criminal record, however. That's probably the thing to be most aware of. :) As mentioned, though, you are at the mercy of the judge when it comes to sentencing you (assuming you're found guilty by the jury). Just adding to what others have said. :)
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