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notice of intended prosecution

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
Getting worried now...

Ive just recived a notice of intended prosecution stating that i was speeding at 59mph on the motorway (temp speed limit is 50). Now, i was driving and im going to have to take the points and fine, i know.

My problem is the adress on my license is different to that which i live at... and i dont know what to do... im not great at these things as i loved somewhere else before i lived here. Ive also done a speed awareness course less than 3 years ago.

My question is: is it a problem that my license adress is different? And what can i do about this?

Im also bricking it incase ive been caught again... this says i was caught nearly a month ago...


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    plugitinplugitin Posts: 2,197 Boards Champion
    Hey Replar,

    You need to notify the DVLA that your address has changed, you can do it here: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/driver-and-vehicle-licensing-agency then select change address on your licence.

    Unfortunately driving with the incorrect address on your licence and being caught can mean a £1000 fine. So you'll need to change it ASAP.

    I'm not sure what you can do about finding out whether you have been caught in the meanwhile though I'm afraid.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Thanks plugitin,

    I've calmed down a little now... Erm, does this section of the gov website to do with endorsement mean that I won't be penalised for my address? I want to make sure I'm interpreting this correctly...

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    plugitinplugitin Posts: 2,197 Boards Champion
    Endorsements is basically a posh word for penalty points.

    So I imagine what will happen is that you will go to court, then they will decide whether it's points or disqualification (it depends how many points you already have and previous behaviour and if you've had your licence less than 2 years).

    You'll then have to hand in your licence to get the endorsements registered (if you haven't been disqualified).

    In terms of what will happen about your licence address being wrong, it seems to be a grey area - so you may escape. There isn't anything clear on the website. To be honest the website isn't too clear on what it's saying - but on that page you sent, I have read it that you will get endorsements and then the licence will be sent on to the DVLA to have the address updated.
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