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Preformance Prep. and Seroius Speaking

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Ok so, I get really nervous speaking in front of anyone in class. I have this presentation I have to do and its making me so scared. the nerves have become so much that just talking about it makes me feel ill. :yuck:

does anyone have any tips to calm me down enough to be able to do this?



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    Hi Aleaf!

    What is it that scares you so much? Have you done any presentations before? What's the presentation about? (20 questions out the way, sorry!)

    It's great that you've been able to post about your presentation dispite the fact it's making your nerves even worse! well done! :thumb:

    I just want you to know that you're defo not the only one who gets so nervous about puvlic speaking and presentations. I remember having a huge meltdown before, during and after any presentation I was faced with at school, and like you, felt sick (and was sick) just thinking about it.

    But!!...on the positive side, i've gone from that, to now speaking in front of 100's of people at a time through my own choice!! (mad I know, but it's actually enjoyable!!)

    Everyone is different and so what works for one, may not always work for another, but it's always worth trying different things to find out what does work for you :)

    Firstly, think about before the presentation:

    - try not to focus on it too much as the more you think about it, the more a lot of different thoughts will race around in your head which will then lead you to being worked up unneccesarily (easier said than done I appreciate)
    - make sure you're ready, prepared for it as much as you can be and have learnt any lines etc (the more ready you are, the more confident you'll be which will make it so much easier for you) *ensuring you've had a good nights sleep and something to eat&drink before hand will have a positive impact too!*
    - remember that it's just a presentation (I don't say that light heartedly honest! I know presentations are a big deal but just think, what's the worst that can happen?)

    Next think about during the presentation:

    - Remain focused (as much as possible, I know it's tricky! I always find it helps to find a spot on a wall or an object in the room and focused on that as much as possible)
    - Breath (It may sound silly, but the more you panic, the more likely you are to make mistakes/forget what you're saying)
    - Be positive (something I found tricky, but it's defo helpful to repeat over and over again "I CAN DO THIS" "IT WILL BE OK")
    - Eye contact (If you're like me, when you make eye contact with someone, you panic even more?! I know during a presentation you're supposed to make eye contact with people and talk to everyone, not just one person...BUT...just scan the room, make sure you move your head and as long as you make it look like you're engaging with the whole room, you can just look up from time to time! Remember, focus on that one spot on the wall or object in the room)

    And after your presentation:

    - Celebrate!! :hyper: (it's over!! you did it!! well done!!)
    - Try really hard to not think about it too much (the more you try going over what you just said/did, the more you'll get yourself in to an unnecessary panic. You're most likely your own worst critique but remember, you're not grading yourself! What's done is done and can't be changed (only learnt from!))
    - As said above, take on board any feedback you get from your presentation, and instead of beat yourself up about any criticism (if any!) learn from it in order to better yourself next time

    I always tried to treat it like I was having a conversation with a friend about whatever topic the presentation was about. It helped me to relax. I also revised any lines as much as possible to make sure I knew what I was talking about. Just before going in to the room for the presentation is when I panic most and that's when I find it helpful to really focus on my breathing, reminding myself that it IS okay and that I CAN get through it. Remember, the audience aren't going to eat you or anything!! They want you to do well :yes:

    Good luck with it :thumb: Let us know how you get on and if you have any specific questions about it, then let us know! I have copied you in some links to a few websites/pages that you may find helpful too - worth a skim read if you have time!

    Sorry for the essay and a half, I do hope this is helpful even if only a little bit!!


    http://www.calmclinic.com/anxiety/types/public-speaking-anxiety (scroll down a bit to "How to reduce public speaking anxiety)

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    thankyou for the help. And listening
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    Okay, thankyou
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