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Job Seekers Allowance question

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Hi guys

First of all, great site you got here :)

My question is this:

I applied for JSA on the 10th of November, although I´m unemployed since the 1st of September 2014.

Today was my first job search review at JobCentre, but yesterday I received confirmation I´m starting work at Royal Mail, for Christmas, beginning on the 1st of December. It´s a 3 to 4 weeks job.

I told them this today, at my first job search review and was told that they were signing me off because I´m going to have a job.

Will I still get any JSA for this period?

Many thanks guys


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    You'll get JSA up until you sign off. But if you stay on JSA for now, you still have to job seek until you start the Royal Mail job.
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    Thanks for the help Melian

    The thing is, I never signed on, as far as I can tell... Applied on the 10th, went for the first "meeting" a couple of days later, and today went for the first time to tell them that I found this job. Can we consider today as the sign off day?

    If so, when does the payment usually happens?

    Thanks for the help
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Have you received any letters from the DWP outlining what you'll be paid on JSA, when your expected pay date is, and when you visited the JC+, did they give you a little booklet to mark what jobs you've applied for/searched for in the past 2 weeks? (I don't know if it still exists though.) They would also tell you who your advisor is, the dates you're expected to show up to "sign".

    If no to the above, then you've technically not signed on yet, you'll still be in the process. You should stay signed on until the day before your job starts, which would be the 30th, then cancel your claim at the JC. That's because your pay would be paid up until the final day before you start work and from the date of your application (10th), otherwise you'll miss money for the next few days until your jobs starts. The JC will sign you off as if you're starting now because they want to get people off JSA.

    Do the same when your temporary job ends if you want to sign back on, submit the application for the day after the job ends at RM, so your application begins and can be back-dated from then, so again you're not missing money.
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