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Birth and the Afterlife

HannHann Posts: 3,434 Boards Guru
Recently I have been thinking about seeing the world through other peoples eyes, and I then went into the thought of how we actually see out of our own eyes. I then thought about what actually happened before we was born, like how you are reading this now, what was it like before you was born, I then started thinking about what happens when you pass, like how you see.

Do you think we see things when we pass?


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Life after death is something I think about an awful lot and I'm in two minds.

    A part of me thinks that when we die, we go about life as we normally would but obviously not being able to be seen or heard but also you wouldn't have the thoughts and feelings that you struggle with. So if I died I think I'd be somewhere with the other people in my family that have died but I'd be able to go and sit with my parents, sis and nephew - I'd be able to watch them go about life just as I would if I was alive - I'd be able to see my nephew grow up.

    But then a part of me just thinks when we die then that's the end of that - We die and it's like a deep sleep but forever, like everything you've ever known just dies with you and your mind never works again - you're just buried or burnt and you and your soul disappears forever.

    I think a bigger part of me believes the first option because that's how I want it to be but I think reality would be the second option - either way sounds great though ;)
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