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Employer References

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I have been offered a new job, though I need all references from the past two years of employment to start (along with DBS, which is on its ay).

My current employer are bad employers... For example, half the office chairs are broken, they don't keep first aid kits on site, there's overt racism and people who have complained about conditions before have been told if they don't like it, they can leave...

Current employer is not replying to Emails from me or potential future employer. I've never had a sick day, never been late, never had a disciplinary so have no bad marks on my employment record...

I'm thinking of calling them Monday, but not 100% sure as to what to say. In the past, people bringing complaints have literally been told if they don't like it, they can leave (which is what I'm trying to do, but I need to leave and enter another job as if I leave I can't get dole and if I can't get a reference I'll struggle to find another job).

I see no reason why they would maliciously refuse to give one, but in the event they can't be bothered, what do I do?

I know they have no legal obligation to give one.


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    Sounds like a pants situation and i've been in a similar one as to where I am struggling to get a reference - not the same though I know.

    You're right though - your current employers (and any other employer) are under legal obligation to ensure they provide you with a reference when asked to do so. To an extent, it's illegal to give a 'bad' reference too. It is tricky as they're your current employrs, as I know when i'm asked to provide references (usually only two, a whole 2 years worth and i'd be stuffed!) i've skipped a few for a number of reasons and i've never been pulled up on it.

    I see my work and learning coach tomorrow who is fantastic, so I will ask her about this and see what she says, she'll defo have an answer or two :)

    The other thing I can suggest is letting your new potential employers know what the crack is - making them aware of your current situation regarding accessing references - as maybe they'll have suggestions/answers? They're usually quite good and can suggest ways around problems (they might just say they don't need it, I don't know?)

    I'd give your employer a call - maybe just say that you've been trying to contact them via email but haven't received a reply, you require a reference for a potential employer, who can you speak to/how do you go about getting one please?

    It doesn't sound like the best of places to be working, so a new job sure does sound like a step in the right direction - good luck with it!

    Do let us know how you get on and if you have any more questions or concerns. There's also the CAB - Citizens Advice Bureau - who could advise you in the best possible way :)

    A few links you may also find useful too:



    All the best :)
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