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Problems at Uni

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I'm in my first year at uni and have found things to be quite difficult. I'd always liked education and decided uni would be a good thing for me. However i have now encountered issues that have caused me to feel that i no longer want to be at uni. I live in rented accommodation rather than halls and my house mates are awful, i can't sleep at night and i have to do everything around the house because otherwise it never gets done. Secondly, i am doing a combined course which i am severely struggling with. I've felt so under pressure lately and even had a breakdown a few days ago. Ok it doesn't sound too bad but I just have no idea what to do or who to talk to.

Any help?


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    First things first. Deep breath and relax. You're not the only one in this position - and despite all outwards impressions, lots of people find the first year of uni hard.

    Do you have a personal tutor? They might just be called a tutor, depending on how your uni system works. Set up some time to have a chat with them, or they might have a drop in session and tell them what's going on. Talking through the problems you're having with the course side of things with them might help things settle down on that front pretty quickly. Often there are extra explanation sessions, or support or coaching available on certain topics - but it's not always obvious how to access this. There may also be some study skills support available which could help you get into the swing of the uni way of working.

    What are you studying? You might find some people on here can help with some more specific tips if you want to try asking.

    On the housemate front - there are a few simple things that can help. Do you own ear plugs? If you don't, now could be a good time to get some. It's not necessarily a long term solution - but might help you catch up on sleep in the short term. Boots & Superdrug sell them (and lots of other places). If you're worried about sleeping through your alarm then a phone alarm set quite loud and with a vibrate function wakes pretty much everyone even through earplugs.

    Have you tried talking to your housemates about the problems? Sometimes that can work, other times it can make no difference at all but it's usually worth a shot. A rota might help. Failing that, keeping your bowl, plate, knife,fork, spoon in your room and keeping them clean yourself can be a work around.
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    Hello h1995. Firstly, so sorry you're not enjoying Uni at the moment, hopefully we can give you some support to get you through this.

    Scary Monster has given some great initial ideas and I just have a few more to add. I definitely agree that your Tutor would be a good person to speak to about your course, and also maybe the course lead. Regarding accommodation you should have a housing team and I'd recommend speaking to them. If you're really not happy there, they may have somewhere else they could offer you - I myself actually changed accommodation after my first term at uni. Earplugs would be great in the short term though.

    You won't be the only person who is or has felt like this - unis generally have processes in place to help people who are unhappy or struggling.

    if none of that works, there is also the option of changing your course or even your university. again, I know a couple of people who tried this when they just couldn't fix things in the ways mentioned above. Try reading this page on changing course or university as it talks through a number of options.

    I really hope some of this helps you :) try and keep going in the meantime.
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    Heya :)

    Sorry to hear that you are not enjoying uni! I have just graduated and I encountered many times like this! Being in a crappy home environment is never helpful when studying, especially when housemates have no respect and the place is a state!

    Its only your first year though, so at least you can move elsewhere in your next two years, possibly with less people :) Unfortunately, its difficult to get out of contracts if you want to get out of a place you're living in. (Had that situation twice)

    Have you seen a student counsellor? They are definitely help you, and could possibly link you to getting help with the situations you're in now. You should also talk to your tutor(s) if you are struggling with the workload, and explain how working at the house is simply not working out for you. Is there any quiet and nice environment at the uni campus where you could work in peace- or anyone you could work with so that you don't feel as alone.

    Herbal tea is great if you want to feel relaxed. Helped me a lot to keep calm with uni stress!

    Hope everything works out. Uni can be great, but also some of the most stressful times and soooo many people I know have had similar troubles. You are not alone :)

    R xx

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