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on leaving prison...

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Basically, I was released last week from prison and cant find any financial support. The ex mrs threw all my stuff out (literally) when I got arrested, not only that she left me without a single penny. I walked out of there with the clothes on my back..thats it. I have applied for JSA, but I need things like clothes, a bed for where im staying, shoes, money to renew my driving licence. I cant seem to find anything:confused:.....can anyone suggest anything. Thank you


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    Hey Mightywhitey

    Welcome to the boards, it's great that you are reaching out for help here, it can take time to find your feet and to re-adjust to life after being in prison.

    Here at TheSite we have an article on help with finances when leaving prison that might be a useful read.

    Also NACRO have a helpline and support for exoffenders covering things like housing, education/training, jobs and finance and insurance.

    Also your local Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB) can be really helpful - you can find your local CAB and their phone number here: http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/about_this_site/get_advice.htm

    The Hardman Trust may also be worth having a look they provide financial awards to help prisoners and ex offenders achieve their goals.

    I hope some of the above is useful, good luck with everything. Continue to share on here and reach out to the community for support.
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    Hi Mightywhitey,

    I volunteer for an Charity called Crisis and you can find them here http://www.crisis.org.uk/?gclid=CIXn1MTZrsECFYzHtAodWHEA9g

    They could be of some use to you maybe? They work with homeless people, but also help a lot of people apply for money they're entitled to, help with food vouchers for food banks, they run a large variety of classes, they help with back to work support and more. Their website is defo worth a look at along with the other links that have been provided above!!

    All the best :)
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