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What does she want??

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New here so I hope that this is right. I need some help or advice regarding my situation so thank you in advance.

My ex girlfriend broke up with me many many months ago by choosing to just ignore me and end it like that (no message, nothing, just ignoring me like I didn't exist like that - we were in a Long Distance Relationship). A few days ago, she finally contacted me and apologised for ending it like that and then we talked for ages but didn't get back together. We talked like good friends and it seemed like we were friends again, everything was back to normal. She's done this to me in the past and it always ended up with me taking her back or asking if she wanted to get back together but this time I decided not to do that as she'd done it to me about 6 times in the space of just 5 months. So I didn't trust her.

While we were talking, she kept saying things like how much she missed me and all that. We stopped talking on good terms but then the next day I tried messaging her and she suddenly became all cold with me again. I then tried messaging her a week after that but now shes just ignoring me completely again. Why does she always do this? It's beginning to annoy me and take its toll on me again...it hurts how she could end it the way she did, apologise and say how she meant none of it but then suddenly become cold. I think she maybe expected me to ask her to get back together but was disappointed or just apologised for her own selfish needs because she felt guilt so apologising to make herself feel better as opposed to thinking about me.

Im just fed up I guess. Everyone always seems to use me like this or take advantage of my forgiving nature so it's beginning to hurt me. Sorry about the rant just thought I'd see what people think.


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    The answer is: It does not matter.

    There is nothing you can gain from knowing the answer to this question. She - for whatever reasons, answering this WHY-question is as asinine as answering the WHAT-question - sees you as a toy she can turn on and off at a whim.

    What you need to do is block her from everything, fb, her telephone number, you do not message her and you do not respond to messages with the goal of moving on and leading a productive, healthy, happy life without being sucked back into her web.

    Just ignore her and move on.

    Being a forgiving man is not something bad, Mojojojo, but making the same mistakes 6 times? That's not being benevolent, that's being a fool. You let yourself being taken advantage of, now rectify the situation.
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