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Occupatons to AVOID!!

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Hi guys,

I have had some different experiences in the past few years and discovered that some occupations should be avoided like the plague. Think about it carefully!!

I had 6 months where I was doing commission based jobs in which people were ripping each other off - I have discovered people will do anything to get money these days! If receiving benefits was not so difficult these days I probably would have been unemployed for those 6 months. I would encourage you to carefully think about any occupation you go into and believe me ploys and deception will be used to get you into those occupations (telling you a job is highly paid when it is not)!! In the past 8 years I have been unemployed for 2 years so being unemployed for 6 months would have been a nice rest!!

Make notes guys, you will never remember everything!! I was a canvasser for the two big Home improvement companies in the UK. I came to know drug dealers, armed robbers, have been threatened because I would not lend people money and it might result in my death. This is because the government will not allow anyone to claim benefits these days.

Be warned guys!! I decided to go to university and it has resulted in me having threats made against me, being 30K in debt, never owning my own home or having children. Really think about how things can effect others things....it's usually about money!! Bargaining power will mean your employers will not treat you like crap! Don't let people you work for know you need money!!

Occupations to avoid
Any commission based jobs, even if it means going hungry
Any jobs where you make enemies with criminals
Consider why changes have been made to that occupation
Is there much secrecy or corruption within the company?
Why is it that employees have little or no rights these days?

Everything is about money and manipulation. People will never tell you what you need to know!! All anyone cares about is themselves. Speak to people working in that occupation by themselves and make notes!! Good luck in your job!!


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    Occupations to avoid

    Any jobs where you make enemies with criminals


    You don't want Phil Mitchell coming after you, that would be scary shit.

    Seriously though, people have this thing called common sense. This is not the ghetto.
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    God you've got such a big head. Do you live under a rock?

    They are recruiting teachers that can barely read or write. Do you really think the next generation will have any common sense? They have been forced to do something, but they have decided to make themselves richer by accepting people with hardly any qualifications.

    Lets see if you can use that head of yours.....what advice would you give to prison officers, air traffic controllers, business owners.....

    Unless you have an occupation on your CV I really cannot see how you can say everything is 'common sense'.
  • AuroraAurora Part of the furniture Posts: 11,720 An Original Mixlorian
    I wanna work with criminaaalssss! :D We could all be besties!
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    Ok - so before this thread turns into a slanging match - we don't allow insults here.

    theonethatgotaway, it sounds like you've had some varied and difficult experiences through the jobs that you've had so far but it's always really important to remember that everyone has their own unique view on the world and what may have been true for you, isn't necessarily true for others.

    If you feel there is corruption in a company or that your employee rights aren't being respected then the law does protect you. ACAS provide independent advice to mediate between employers and employees over disputes in the workplace, you can find out more on their website: http://www.acas.org.uk/index.aspx?articleid=1461 Knowing your rights is really important - this article on rights to pay could be worth a read for anyone feeling unsure - it covers things like the minimum wage and overtime.

    You can also protect yourself as ella says, by using your common sense. Some people have this in spades. What's worrying is when more vulnerable people are taken advantage of in the workplace or kept in bad working conditions due to poverty or lack of alternatives in their area.

    There does feel something a little scaremongering in your post here. It's not all bad out there and there are lots of positive stories around employment that people may well feel compelled to share here to offer a balanced view. Choosing a job is all about weighing up the options after all.

    The benefits system is by no means perfect at all and it can be hard to navigate, especially for young people. You only need to look at the number of comments on our JSA article to see that people are struggling. Could be an interesting debate for the politics and debate forum to see what people think of the system :chin:

    Are you working at the moment theonethatgotaway? It would be good to hear how that's going if you are?
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    Some people do really well in commission based jobs but I would warn against them if they have no basic pay attached.

    I think it's really important to think about stress levels and the kind of stress you can deal with best. I would find work in an emergency service ok because acute stress I can deal with but chronic stress I find very hard so working to long deadlines very difficult. I think it's very hard to decide on a job when you just come out of school or college and careers advisors aren't experts on all aspects of finding a career and people expect them to know exactly what they should be doing for the rest of their life which is just not possible. They are called an adviser not an oracle.
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