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Job references

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Right so, when I got my current job which was through a recruitment agent, I had a job offer pending good references and since I knew they would be good I then went to my boss and said Ive had an offer, please can I have a reference which all went through just fine.

Ive just had an interview which i didnt get and the woman said she wanted to contact the references of the preferred candidates BEFORE offering the job. I said i wasnt comfortable with this as I hasnt yet asked permission of one reference (true) but the actual reason was that I didnt want her contacting my employer and then not offer me the job, then they'll know im job hunting. I just think its a totally unprofessional way to go about it!

Im just reading another job description as it says that:
In naming referees in your application, you are requested to give only those who can immediately be approached and one of these must be your current employer, or if not employed your most recent employer.

Well I really dont want my employer contacted until ive had an offer of the job and I might put this on my application but is this the kind of thing I can expect from alot of employers? I would have thought anyone advertising a job would understand that an applicant wouldnt want their employer immediately approached?

Any advice?


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    Also: ive been putting my old PGCE tutor as a reference as he did one last time and as these are uni jobs I thought he would be a best fit. I was hoping to be able to contact him before they do to ask but I guess it would better to ask beforehand?

    P.P.S - Since the part about references only refers to those which can be immediately contacted, I guess I dont put down any and then they'll ask for them if they're interested?
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    It's best to ask your references if they can do you one first, being told they can't do a reference to the new employer can be worse for you than being given a mediocre reference (but it still has to be 'good'). I would put your references down for the new job you're going for, if there's a section for it, it tells me they want that information to hand. I've only applied for one job in my whole life that wanted references at the application stage, normally I hold on to the details and they're asked for when preparing for interviews or not at all.

    What worries you so much about your current employer knowing you're job hunting? Everyone moves on with life and jobs. Can you not ask someone else where you work to write you a reference, other than your current boss so it's more likely be kept under wraps?
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    Well ive only been there 6 months and i have a permanent job but i would just rather they not know im unhappy and want to go. Its nothing theyve done I just dont feel the work is right for me. Its a big company so it will be someone in HR doing a reference for me, rather than my immediate boss. Actually i dont know if they'll be contacted for a say in it or if the news of it will be passed along to let her know.

    I would just much rather it be done after the job offer stage where i know that i definately want to go and have somewhere to go
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    Anymore advice on this? Ive been reading another application form and a quick google shows this is actually quite common. If mHR people arent going to let my manager know then great, but Im really worried about this getting back to her and would rather she didnt know, especially if I dont knwo if im getting the job
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    As they normally ask for two references, I say they can't contact my current employer until I've been offered the job but they can contact the other one. Never been a problem. I expect most places will understand why you'd be reluctant to let them contact your current employer unless you'd been offered the job.
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