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Near the verge of giving up?

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Hey guys and girls, im new to this full thing so please do bare with me on this one.
I recently just joined today for many reasons but most of all, to talk to people and gain insight and advice on many things in different aspects....

Anyways... :shocking: I'm here to gain some advice or support on relationships...
It's more like a family type of relationship if you get me... anyways as you probably are here due to the title im on the verge of dropping everything, now my situation right now as it stands is as follows:

Im a 19 year old student, i have a sister who is based in Oz (Australia) we have a very close bond, she moved over almost 4 years ago, visited for a month (last month) and she left to go home again last friday..... my worry is, why am i pushing her away? like she means the world to me and all but im pushing her away and havent spoke to her at all, im hurting and dont get me wrong ive tried suicide many times since she has left.... i just dont know what to do and how to approach this matter as all i want to be doing is pushing her away as it hurts less that way... Although ive been hurting four years straight and it feels like theirs been a knife put through my chest but yeah....

any ideas people?

Many Thanks, Sparky :banghead:


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    **helen****helen** Deactivated Posts: 9,235 Supreme Poster
    Hey Sparkster,

    Welcome :)

    You say your sister means a lot to you and you have a really close bond so it sounds like it must have been really hard for you when she left. How did it feel seeing her again, did you have some quality time together?

    When you say you're pushing her away, do you mean that you ignore her when she tries to make contact?

    I'm not sure whether your low feelings and attempted suicide are linked to your sister, or whether there are other things on your mind? Perhaps it's a combination of factors? Are there people who are close to you who are aware of these feelings and actions?

    You may benefit from being able to get things off your chest in a 1-2-1 situation - whether it be speaking to someone via a helpline or accessing a 1-2-1 chat or text service. You could also see if there's a branch of Samaritans local to you? Here's a page with info about Samaritans in Scotland.

    In terms of other helplines, you may want to explore sane.

    Aware I've asked you quite a few questions, so will drop back when you reply :thumb:
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