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Going through clearing for university?

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Not long until results day for some of you.. just wondered if anyone has been through clearing before and could share their tips or if you're planning to go through clearing then you might have some questions...

This video about the lead up to results day and clearing could be worth a watch too :)

One girl in he video realised by exam result time that she didn't want to go to the uni she'd chosen or do the course she'd applied for but managed to get on to something she did want to do through clearing :yes:


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    I was strangely enough about to start a thread about clearing O.o
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    I was strangely enough about to start a thread about clearing O.o

    Spooky! What were you going to say?
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    Hi Jo,

    I don't like being negative Jo but after the experiences I've had. The only advice I can give to future students is do your research and question everything. Some universities don't even have university interviews - no doubt they prefer to have the tuition fees. The number of students accepted through clearing would be something else for whatuni to record but no doubt they will not, the worst performing universities would have something to say about that.

    I spoke to someone a few days ago that is now in his final year and 30K in debt (when he finishes) and wishes that he had never gone to university. Why will whatuni not record people that regret studying their degrees? Money! I personally think there are too many universities in the UK. If there were fewer, clearing would only be used to fill spaces when people have deferred a year instead of being used for universities to rake in the tuition fees. The example that the video gives where she has changed her mind on results day are rare. All anyone cares about in this world is money!
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    I didn't go through clearing, but my brother did while I was staying at home - and it felt like every single one of us was going through it.

    Best tips I can think of in no particular order (I'll try and come back with more later):

    Have a map handy - or use google maps or similar. You'll want to know where places are.

    Ring your first choice and ask again, especially if you've got an reasons for missing the grades. It's very unlikely to work as they got your grades before you did and have had time to think. But it's always worth asking.

    Consider lightly different subjects Xxx with yyyy might have different entry requirements to dong the course straight.

    Check for professional accreditation. If you're looking to do a course that would lead to a particular career, check whether the new course you're looking at meets the professional accreditation requirements and if it doesn't - what's does that mean in the long run. It might mean a couple of extra exams or projects later on, or it might mean you need to do a whole other degree.

    Look at other qualification types, if you we're applying for a masters consider the bat helots version, if you we're looking at bachelors consider HND etc.

    Have a look at doing a foundation year, either independently or a course that's got one. You may find that places will take you onto a foundation year but not the main course. Then when you've done the foundation year you get onto the main course. It's another year of study, but may suit some people.

    Get on with it quickly. It can be tempting to sit and feel sorry for yourself, don't. Get on with it. If you're not sure whether you now want to go to uni, get Ono with it anyway. You don't have to make an instant decision if you get offered a place - so you can stop and think then, just get cracking on trying to get an offer.

    When you do get an offer, stop. Take several breaths. Make a cup of tea, and think about it. Do you really want to do that course at that place. To will put you in debt. It will be the h t 3 years f your life. Don't say yes because it's the first thing that comes along. Don't say no be ause it's not the one you dreamed of. Ask yourself why you wanted to go to uni, will this course help you achieve that. If the answers yes, then it's heading the right dire toon, if the answers no then maybe a foundation year or resting might be better options.

    It will be a slow, painful process
    It will take up lots of time
    It will feel like nothing is happening for ages ( in reality, its only a couple of hours)
    You will need to make lots of phone calls - I'd suggest using a landline that you know you can be run back on, if not a mobile in one place, with the charger)
    You will spend ages in phone queues
    You will learn your way around the website really quickly
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    Amazing advice Scary, thanks so much for sharing! Like you, it will also help anyone who's supporting someone through the process :yes:
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