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Keeping motivated when filling out applications

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When filling out application after application, explaining your skills and why you're right for the job is so hard, I find it really difficult to sell myself even if i know i could do the job.

On some applications, when i feel like ive written a good answer Ive saved it so i can amend it for the next one but how are you supposed to stay motivated in writing these crappy things, especially when its the deciding factor on an interview. Writing a crap explanation of yourself means you dont get one and I just cant do them, so much so that Im becoming less motivated to try. Whats the point when it doesnt lead anywhere.

How are you supposed to stay motivated to keep going and know that what you;re writing is good enough?


  • AndyAndy Moderator Deactivated Posts: 185 Settling in
    Hi Lexi,

    You're totally right, it can be really hard to stay motivated whilst looking for work. It almost becomes a job in itself! It may feel like there's that constant pressure that you could always be looking for something and filling out applications, getting an interview, prepping for interview, doing the interview, waiting to find out the news and then following up for feedback can be really draining.

    Some people may find that it's useful to give yourself a break from the constant pressure of searching and filling in applications, maybe limit yourself to an evening a week where you dedicate yourself to completing applications and finding jobs, and the rest of the week just do things that you enjoy.

    I really like your idea of saving good answers for an application and then tailoring it for the next one, it can make your personal admin less labourious.

    To stay motivated, you may want to write down all the things you've done in the last year - these can be big and small - that you feel proud of. And then looking over that entire list may make you feel like you've achieved a lot, and then you can pick out things to include in the application form. It's also really easy to forget some of the things you've done so it works as a handy reminder. Also, getting a friend to look over an application, might be embarrassing at first, but they will usually be really useful at looking at things with a fresh view.

    There's a few other techniques that might help, such as setting yourself small, achievable goals each week - instead of the big, scary sounding "get a new job", breaking these down into - find a job I would be suitable for, then writing the application, sending it in, etc. By breaking it down a bit you can treat yourself or give yourself a break after each bit.

    Hope that helps, let us know how you get on.
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