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Hi. I'm Catalyst. I am a very friendly person, a Gemini, and in my early twenties. I absolutely LOVE meeting new people. I often feel like there are just so many thoughts whizzing through my head it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to write them all down. I often find that I 'exhaust' others with my thoughts and seemingly send them (quite inadvertently) into their own spiritual awakenings. Not to brag or anything - lol.

Into Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Gemstones, Psychic Phenomenon, Some aspects of Psychology, an advocate of Women's Rights & Health, [and helping mens issues with patriarchy as well] and clearing out a lot of "malinformation" out there -- I also plan to be a herbalist, as I've turned a lot of family against modern medicines and back to the natural. Also, I am a healer, and have healing hands :) I also experience a lot of spiritual activity, so if any of you wish to message me privately about such, feel quite free to do so! I love talking and meeting others! I also love art, music, and writing, which Ive done for 10+ years now. I have a wattpad that I am working on {read stories there and post your own} and am in the process of creating my own website...which is to be spiritually centered.

Also you may contact me for free or just for fun readings. I am an amateur just gaining practice. :D Pleased to find that this site is open to subjects that we'd not talk about in most situations. The pictures are quite humorous! Dont know about teh screen name, it is always a word I have associated with myself.


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