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I have recently started a new job, (3weeks ago) I went for a couple of interviews at the time and the job I really wanted went to someone with more experience, they said they would contact me when something else came up, I thought nothing more of it and accepted the role I'm currently in. However they did contact me! And offered me the job which I accepted, contracts erc have been received and returned.

My dilemma now is, my contract at my current employer states I need to give 1 months notice after completing a probationary period (which I havnt) but doesn't say anything about leaving before that, am I right in assuming I don't have to give any notice?

Also my line manager and MD are both on holiday this week and I am on holiday next week and I have agreed to start my new role on the 4th august, I get paid on Friday so can I just walk in, hand the letter in and leave? Or can I just ring? I am really dreading doing it! And I'm worried how they can claim pay back etc for holidays taken, as they have confirmed I am being paid for them


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    I'm not really clued up on this but in most jobs you have to give a week's notice before leaving but your job may be different.
    Is there anyone in work (like a friend) you could ask about this instead of going to your line manager? Or have you seen anyone leave the job before and can you remember what they did?

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    I've not really been here long enough to trust anyone with that kind of equation to be honest, I've only been here 3 weeks, I was planning on doing it on Friday and if they question it I'll just state that my contract doesn't state anything
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    If I was you I would just speak to someone as soon as possible. The longer you leave it the trickier it could become, and the more right they may have to be annoyed.
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    Probation (generally speaking) carries a week's notice on either side but I expect that that is convention rather than law.

    http://www.nidirect.gov.uk/resigning-from-a-job gives some information and suggests that there is a statutory one week notice period if you've worked for more than a month.

    There is such a thing as resigning with immediate effect but you'd probably want to consult people who know more about employment law.
  • PGreenPGreen Moderator Posts: 175 Settling in
    Hey JdLAdy

    What a great position to be in - congratulations on the new job offer! :yippe:

    Lot's of great advice so far and as said already the notice for a probationary period does tend to be a week for both sides, the best thing to do is to speak to someone as soon as you can to confirm this is the case. If you manager is away is there anyone in a HR role that you can talk to?

    In terms of holiday etc some organisations will work out what you would have been owed based on the amount of time you have been working for them (if you have taken more than this they may deduct this from your final pay check). You might find our article on handing in your notice useful.

    I would try to avoid doing it on the phone unless you really have to, remember this job will be able to provide you with a reference for future jobs so always best to try to leave on good terms.

    Let us know how you get on!
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