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do I need to stand my ground

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Ive been having my suidal thoughts again. My mum and her parnter been aguring for 4 days now over nothing. Iam fedup with them bringing me into it. My parnter hiits my mum. I hate it when she gets hit it brings my memrys back when I was little . They want me ti move with them. We never got on when I started to meet my mum up. I do everything for him and buy him things and dosnt presate nothing. Ive tryed telling my mum she says ye to me. I need to really put my foot down but dont know how I cont live like this I dont wan to kill myself or start self harming again. I need my mum and he stopping me. What do I do


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    Firstly, do they know how bad this is making you feel? If not, is there any way you could tell them? Your health needs to be paramount with any issue such as this that could make past experiences bubble to the surface. When you say "hit", what's the nature of the violence? If you feel your mum or you are in serious danger then you need to contact the police; domestic abuse/violence can never be excused and should never be tolerated. However, if it is just a flare in the middle of a heated argument then I would really suggest trying to talk to her about it.

    How does your mum feel about this man; is she happy with him? You say they're arguing over nothing - is there anything at all you think could be causing the fighting? To reiterate, your health (and your mum's, for that matter) should be paramount here.
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