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arguing with mum

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just had a nasty argument with my mum over something on the news. wasnt really important but i guess you should never talk politics, right? and i was trying to walk away but it can be hard with my mum because she'll keep saying stuff and follow you and stand in your way. So i just tried to be as passive as possible so i could leave except she just told me to get out of her house. shes said stuff like she cant wait until i move out and that before, because we argue a lot because we have different views. Shes never told me to leave before though. So I text some of my friends just saying hi, looking for some contact. They always used to say that i could always stay with them if anything ever happened. Most of them didnt reply, the one who did said theyre revising right now, and i asked if they could text me back on a break, and they said they would. It's been a couple of hours now though and they haven't got back to me. I messaged them again because firstly they shouldnt be revising for that long without a break anyway but also because i kind of need them. this kind of things been happening a lot in the last year or so and i dont know how to tell them I need them without making them feel bad, or i need to stop aggravating my mum and procrastinating work and stuff so i don't need to need them so much.


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    Hey Holden, sounds like a pretty stressful day for you :( I hope your friends get back to you soon, it's a tough time with everyone's so caught up in exams and revision at the moment, it can take up a whole lot of headspace.

    I'm sure you'll get some other replies but I just wanted to let you know I'm going to move this thread over into the Sex & Relationships forum as it sounds like it's a lot about things with your mum and also with your friends.

    Glad you came and posted here too - it sounds like your mum can find it hard to let something lie when you're trying to walk away and also that she can be quite full on - you mentioned this sort of thing has happened before? Have you ever been able to talk to her when she's feeling a bit calmer?
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    Are you back at home now?

    I think friends are probably quite stressed at the minute if they're revising, try and reconnect with them when exams are over and everyone has a bit more free time (and energy!) Revision can be really time consuming and draining, and often people don't feel up to going out and doing things if they've been revising all day- they just want some junk food and to watch TV!

    More importantly though, you and your mum. Try and avoid getting into arguments, I know it is difficult but if a subject you disagree on comes up just take a deep breath and say "okay mum" and walk away. Keeping calm can be really tricky, but just remind yourself it's the best plan. Sometimes you might have to agree with things that really... you don't agree with, and that's bloody annoying but if it saves you being told to leave then it's worth it. Just try and tolerate your mum as best as possible, you'll only be living there a few more years. Make the most of free food and no rent while you can :)
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