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I've found a job in Cambridge

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So I've found a job I want to apply for but it's in Cambridge, an hour and a half away from where I live now but I went to uni there so pretty comfortable with the place. I'm not sure if I have the right experience for the job but I'm thinking of applying anyway.

Obviously taking this job would mean moving to Cambridge, and for those who have been following will be familiar with my recent attempt to leave home, breaking down after a day and moving home a week later. Working in Cambridge will mean I couldn't really commute unless I want a 2 hour drive each way so I'm tempted to apply, go to the interview and see if I can find out more to make a decision. Luckily I have a really good friend who lives there so I'll talk to him about it, and like I say I'm familiar with the place and loved my uni time there. I'll also find out about general living costs, rent, bills etc

Any got any advice?

Oh and just as a side note!! My salary would go up from up from 16500 to about 19000, and I went on a salary calculator and it turns out I would take home only £200 more than I do now and the rest will go on taxes, insurance and student loan!!!!!! £3000 for £200!!!!!


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    Sounds like you've got a good plan in mind to look at the options. Living anywhere as a 'grown up' is very different to living in the same place as a student so that's one thing to bear in mind. Like wise on accommodation options - the areas will likely be different. Cambridge is a relatively expensive place to live though.

    Sounds like that's probably the worst salary step around for increase:ratio. Definitely looking at costs and take home when you do the budgeting.
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    I was looking at general prices last night and asked my friend about his and was a bit shocked at the prices of some considering they're not all that great.

    It doesn't really help either that looking at pictures of those empty rooms suddenly brought on some kind of anxiety and panic attack about living there. I want to be ok about the idea of moving away but I just don't think I can do it
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    PGreenPGreen Posts: 175 Helping Hand
    Hey Lexi :wave:

    Moving to Cambridge is a big step, but with the right support there is no reason why you can't make the move.

    Did you decide to apply for the job in the end?

    You are right sometimes the pictures alone of flats to rent can make them seem miserable and grotty. Have you thought about a shared house? If you do get an interview and are considering the move it might be worth checking out something like Spareroom you can search by postcode and it will mean you have a housemate - would someone being around make you feel better abut moving out?

    I have friends who have successfully found flats this way, plus it often works out cheaper and the flats look much more welcoming as there are other house mates living there as well.

    Take it step by step if you do choose to apply that's step number 1! :)
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    Just as an update Ive applied for the job and it closed on Monday, its now Friday. On the advert it said that interviews will take place on the 23rd and 25th July which is 4 weeks away.

    How long do you think it will until i heard if ive got an interview considering the dates are already set aside?
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    Hi there,
    I think anytime up to a few days before the interview. Depends how big the firm is and how organised they are. They may also reschedule interviews at the last minute (well I know this happens at my firm). Keep the days free for now.
    Good luck.
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