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How many chances do you really get to meet 'the one'?

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Hi guys

As some of you know I am very cautious about who I date. I have observed others in relationships and have seen peoples' lives ruined by people they have dated. So far there have been three people I regret not dating, out of 30+.

I still see one of those three occasionally but we only know each other by sight. I want to date someone that will not be abusive to me or sleep with anything that moves.

I know people that have left their partners for someone else after 30 years of marriage so it seems to me that I have had my chances. You will only get a few chances, believe me!!

Good luck x ;)



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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    There is no "the one". Why would there be? The whole concept of there being only one person for you, out of a couple billion (most of them you will never meet) is absolutely ridiculous. There are people who you click with better and many you won't function quite as well. Above a certain threshold of positive aspects/similarities/whatever some people like to call this person "the one", even though you could find dozen "the ones" if you didn't stop looking after the first you find (but why would you do that?).

    I don't regret dating anybody. Just because you realize you don't work well with one person or that it does not work out for any reason does not make it a regret or a waste of time and I personally don't know anyone who had their lives ruined by dating somebody. If you feel the other person has a overwhelmingly bad effect on you, you just leave. If you are the kind of person who sticks around in a toxic relationship, because you fear being alone more than you fear being abused then you are ruining your own life.

    The more people you date, or let's maybe say the more you get to know a person before you go out, the better the chances of a good match. If you wait for the metaphorical One and think this person can't be it, because it has this or that tiny flaw, then you are just ruining your own happiness with this stupid idea, that there is a divine plan laid out for you that destined one certain person for you to be with.

    And no, you get as many chances as you want as long as you keep looking, because happiness is something you create for yourself not something that happens to you.
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