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need advice

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I dont live at the shared house anymore as iam living with my mum. The support workers been saying things about the cliants weight and other things to. As I get on eith the clints really well. The staff been saying things to me too. I cont let this keep happening its not fair. I phone someone way higher told them the staff are pranasing and bullying us. When I moved in after awaile I sow the staff change a lot :/ they wasnt like this when I very first moved in. I dont understand. We have days when the staff are not in and we dont have support for cooking our tea. Or we have staff in that do jack crap and sit in office on there phone on facebook. I have told my manger for thr house which she back the support worker up. I get told everything by the clients asking me to help them. Its getting out hand and control.
What ever when I told the manger what was going on the manger said that he trying to help which he wasnt when the manger told the support worker they pulled me up and had ago at me

Have I done the right thing or have made it worse for me and the others.

Iam still also waiting for the phone call of them they said if the dont phone thursday they phone frriday phone them they said monday still not phone. Where do I stand.

I Had to give my 28 days notice as ive been threatened with letters sent to me they giving me it as they just doing that to scare me as they not sent it to me. They also give my mums address out to people with out our consent. The member off staff sent me a email to comform that i give my 28 days notice . When I phone up the people told them that they said they not been told about it. I dont what to do about this niver.

I feel guilty counes now what ive done

Any help be good


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    I also sorry for them they got disability
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    Hi Heather *hug*

    Sounds like these support workers have been upsetting you and put you in a difficult situation. If you felt their attitudes towards you and other people was "bullying" then there is nothing wrong in reporting it. It seems unfair though that the workers had a go at you after you told the manager :no: and it also seems unfair that you were forced to give notice. Have you mentioned this to the higher person in charge? On the other hand, if you do have to leave, hopefully you can find another place that have nicer support workers :yes:

    Try not to be hard on yourself. The people came to you for help and you simply did what you felt was right, so try not to feel too guilty - and it takes guts to do what you did! Are you able to tell your mum what happened?

    Do let us know how you get on and if you hear back from them *hug*
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    Christine :D thanks hope ur well :)

    They been threating me with letters and had none find wired.. iam behind the other people that I lived with. I not told them that I done it dont know how they going to take it now
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