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Deposit and tenancy agreement

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So i met the landlord at the place im hoping to rent today to sign the agreement and write a cheque for the deposit, but she had forgotten to bring them. Im not sure if its a genuine mistake or not, im sure it is, but she said we could sign them on my moving in day which weve agreed as the 10th.

She also has said that the deposit and standing order needs to be up before the 10th as well. Im a bit wary here of sending it to her and then everything falling through. I know shes part of the goverment deposit scheme as she showed me her registration etc, and im going to ring them tomorrow to ask for advice, but i dont know if i would be covered in a situation like this having not signed anything?? Same as with the standing order I dont want the first payment to be taken on the 10th, turn up at the house with nothing to sign and £400 down.

What should i do, insist on meeting beforehand, set everything up assuming the deposit people say im covered, OR i could write her a cheque on the day and set up the SO that day too?


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    I would personally make sure everything is signed before you hand over any money, or post date the cheque

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    Yes, normal to have to pay those things before moving in but I've only ever done it at the same time as signing the contract. I'd try and meet her again before your moving day to get things signed, or can she post or email you the forms? Wouldn't feel especially comfortable handing over money before I'd seen and signed the paperwork.
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    Ive seen the draft already so happy with that. I also found out that a deposit isnt protected until the landlord registers it in the scheme so i could give it to her without signing and never get it back.

    Ive said lets meet beforehand or Im doing it all on the day and she'll have to get the payment late
  • Danny!Danny! Deactivated Posts: 560 Incredible Poster
    Hey Lexi

    If she does need cleared funds on the day you could use a banker's draft - it's like a cheque but the funds are already cleared so it's like having cash.

    If you can make as much of your contact as possible by email, then that's good as you have a record of any agreements made.

    Give Shelter a call (freephone) if you need any advice - details here.

    Hope it all goes well!
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