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Contraceptive Implant

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Hey im Emily and ive been thinking about getting the implant.
Ive heard some stuff about it already, but i want to no from someone/other people what it was like for them, kind of like a first hand experience opinion.

Did the anesthetic hurt? im okay with pain but when it comes to needles that pain tolerance goes down alot. Ive heard it stings, how badly?

How many times are you injected with the anesthetic? ive seen videos on youtube and some people were injected 2-4times.

Once youve had the anesthetic, can you feel the implant and the incision being made, or does it just feel like someone poking you?

How long did it take until the whole thing was completed? i dont really wanna be laying there for ages, especially when theres a needle involved.

Thanks for reading, and any replies would be great :d



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    It really depends on your size, I'm quite small and I had one injection to numb it. It was a sharp stratch a bit like a blood test, and was a bit stingy. To have the implant put in they don't cut your arm. They have a clicky thing like a big needle and it clicks three times to get it in. You can feel it but it doesn't hurt, it feels like someone is tickling inside your arm. It took about 15minutes to do this.

    I recently had my implant changed, similar procedure to get it out. They do make a small cut in your arm but the scar is really tiny. They then use the clickly thing to put in a new one. This didn't hurt at the time, but it hurt a few hours after when the numbness wore off. It was achy and a bit bruised. Took maybe 20 minutes. Most the time is waiting for the numbing to be fully completed, and also because my arm is so small it was difficult to keep the implant still or something.

    However, for some people it can be longer and they might need more injections if the first one doesn't work.
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    Hi Emily Boosh,
    It sounds like you have found out a lot of your information from utube, have you looked at the sites information on contraceptive implants, it has information about: What is a contraceptive implant?, How is an implant fitted, does it hurt?, Can you see it in my arm?, When does the implant start to work?, Will the implant make me fat, spotty or moody?, I have an implant and it?s made my periods go nuts , How is it taken out? Will I be left with a scar?, How long before my fertility returns?, I?ve heard it can dislodge itself and get lost in my body., Can anyone get the implant? at http://www.thesite.org/sex-and-relationships/safer-sex/contraceptive-implant-4568.html.

    Sorry i don't have personal experience but i thought that the information may help:)
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    BubblesGoesBooBubblesGoesBoo Posts: 3,590 Community Veteran
    The numbing stuff doesnt hurt to much ... but im a wimp ... so asked for the numbing cream before i got the needle :P i just had 1 needle of anesthetic and couldnt feel anything for the rest of it, just something cold against my arm, it takes about 10 or 15 minutes ... honestly i thought it would of been a lot worse than it was lol :)
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    Wow sounds like you were really brave, i am much more wimpy than that:)
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