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Exam season is upon us again. How do you revise for exams? And what do you study (subject and level)? Do you use past papers, make spider diagrams, read?


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    Hey Ybe7 - what do you use and what are you studying for at the moment?

    I know there's a few of you in revision mode right now so would be good to share some ideas :)

    The last time I did an exam was last year and I found reducing notes into a small pocket-sized notebook and using colours/highlighters as I re-wrote the notes helped me. I could carry it around easily and read it on the bus or the tube and ask people to ask me to tell them about x,y,z. Explaining things out loud to someone else I find really helps to cement knowledge :yes:

    Any other ideas?
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    I'm studying engineering at uni. I find in engineering and science subjects, the best way to understand and learn your subject is by trying questions. That way you can try and understand each part of the question, by looking trough your textbook, lecture notes or your own notes, rather than trying to memorise all your notes or just blindly reading or copying them out. At the same time, I also note down key points in a small notebook. In science and engineering, this tends to be terminology definitions or mathematical equations. This only works for physics/maths and numerical modules though. For more wordy exams, which I also have, what Helen suggested works more. Also spider diagrams and illustrations can help as most people remember pictures better than words. In chemical processes or biological processes, I find drawing out the process helps for example.
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