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Talking about anxiety

JamesJames Posts: 1,706 Postholic
Here's a question...

One of the things lots of us say around here is 'have you talked to someone about it?'
Clearly a lot of us think that talking/writing about our feelings is helpful. That's one of the reasons we're here, right? :)

But how easy is it to describe what we're feeling?
For example, have you ever tried explaining what anxiety feels like to someone who doesn't seem to experience it?

Katy from our marketing team here at TheSite found this blog post, which tries to do exactly that.

So what do you think - is it a good way of helping other people understand what you're going through, or would you change it? What other ways have you tried?

In the blog post, the person tries to tell people about how they feel when their anxiety feels overwhelming. Can you talk to other people about your anxiety, or are there things that get in the way?*

*Okay, I promised one question, and that's at least 3 already! I'll stop there!


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,328 The Mix Honorary Guru
    JPick wrote: »
    *Okay, I promised one question, and that's at least 3 already! I'll stop there!


    I know that everyones situation is probably that little bit different but I just wanted to say that those images are absolutely spot on, in my opinion, and I definitely think that's a good way to help other people understand.

    Seeing the images makes me think about how I drone on sometimes to certain people. It's quite embarrassing I think, if that's what I'm like.. that's just me though!

    I am not saying being anxious is something to be embarrassed about because it most definitely is not! I think that's an amazing way to help people recognise or understand what anxiety is like and hopefully can encourage more people to feel able to open up about it :)
  • plugitinplugitin Noob Posts: 2,197 Mega Poster
    I think sometimes pictures/cartoons like those are really good ways to help people understand as generally I think people enjoy looking at cartoons.

    I Had A Black Dog was one of the first resources I came across that helped to explain depression that actually worked for people.

    It's better than a huge block of text in any case!
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