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Step-mum hate me

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My dad re married. (my mum and dad not together) she hates me. She treats me different to the rest of my famliey. I do mostly help out with her being disabled she didn't presate it. She slags me off. I try and take her son (my step brother) to give her and my dad a break It puts me of going to stay over and seeing my dad :( she put things on and when she in a mood she takes it all out on me :( she recked Christmas :( cont cope no more I want to have a relationship with her but don't know how to put it to her :( it racking my life and relationship with the rest of the famliey :(



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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hey bubbley-heather :),

    Good to see you here on the TheSite sharing, I can understand your frustration trying to build a relationship with your step mum and what feels like rejection. That must be really tough.

    I hope you aren’t taking this too personally; you’re doing the brave thing reaching out and hoping to connect with her :thumb:. It can’t be easy and it sounds like you’re trying your best. *hug*

    Have you thought about talking to your Dad about how you feel at all? Talking through things with him if you get any time together on your own might help!

    Heather, tell us a bit more about yourself :D – what are your hobbies? What are those activities you enjoy taking part in? It sounds like you’re doing quite a bit to help out – I understand it can be hard work; do you get anytime to yourself with or away from the family to chill out?

    Let’s know how you get on?

    Take care and stay safe
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