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beware this will be really badly explained and said cause its never my strong point.
Mums lost it with me again, and im on last straw, im 16 and i know im close to being kicked out. but i dont have an emergency plan anymore, because a lot has changed since I made my last one. Mums taken my laptop and phone away from me, so have no or little support that way, cant get hold of anyone (your probably wondering why im posting now then) I stole my laptop and phone back for now because mums at work, im just completely fed up of all of this.
Its been going on for years on and off, the threat of being kicked out, but last night proved it will probably happen because shes that fed up of me. She says im not part of the family and do nothing and not needed here. I want to leave, but cant or dont want to, because i like it here and its 'home' but dont feel safe when things like last night happened because i fear being chucked out or my room being entered and i need my own space and that's something which is important to me.
Who do i get in contact with? should i mention it to my youth leader, if so what do i say? she knows about my past and how i used to get chucked out for an hour or more when i was younger.
right ill leave it there, think im blabbering now which is never good. just desperate for some help from someone, anyone been in similar situation? :(


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    What exactly is happening for her to want to kick you out?
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    im just a fail to her and not at all part of this family. its been going on for years! its just pathetic, id rather be kicked out and get the support i need then be stuck here but i dont want to leave my sister (shes younger). i never have understood what ive not done or what ive done to have this happen, but it just happens and i cant really stop it.
    I dont mind in all fairness, but its just hard after a while and really brings me down, especially when this happens like yesterday because it was completely out the blue and has just brought memories flooding back :(
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    Two things you could do -
    If you've decided you need to leave but have no where safe to go try either talking to shelter or have a look here to see if theres a foyer project in your local area which can help you.
    If you've decided you need to do something to change the situation at home because you want to stay, then is it worth seeing if theres a family friend who would be willing to mediate between you and your mother so you can try and find out what it is that is making her so angry with you and see if things can be fixed between the two of you so you can remain at home. If theres no family friend that can do it, see if social services can suggest anything (might be best to call them anonymously though).

    Hope that helps!
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    first one, was is possible yep i think. ive had a look, ive got a few people i could go to, bu i also know some pretty safe spots being in a village and all.
    the whole mediate thing has been tried several times, but i cant be heard against my mum so is hard and pretty pointless
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    You could try giving the mediation one last shot - I wish I hadn't left home the way I did (I left because my mental health was putting me in a very unsafe position and my mum couldn't really give me the support I needed), but I didn't really talk to my mum properly for nearly 2 years after I left home. I'm on really good terms with her now but I wish I had left on much better terms.
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