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I am confused on what to do and hello all

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Hello everyone, I am a student living between london and the usa, and I am having a bit of trouble with a girl I met a few weeks ago. I started talking to her, and we both flirted a lot with each other. We exchanged at least 400 texts in less than a week.I gave her a gift card to starbucks a day before valentines day, and she was very happy and she hugged me, and told me to text her. I was recording a CD with my band, and then when I left I texted her and asked her whats up, nothing more. we rambled a bit, and then she said sort of out of the blue, that she just wanted to be friends for now because she had just gotten out of a 5 year relationship with a boy that ended up in nothing. Now I dont know if it was right , but I told her that I was shy, ( while she said I wasn't at all) and that I really liked her, and that I am not mad or anything. I thought it was wierd that she just kind of said it, without me popping the question. So my question is , what do I do next? I told her I'd be there for her and I've got her back, and she said the same. I need someone's advice
And btw, she is 17 and I am turning 18 in a week.



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    It means there's no easy answers. She probably likes the attention, had worked out you like her, maybe even likes you a bit too, but realises she's not in the right place for a relationship - at the moment at least. Probably that is, she could just have realised she doesn't think of you in that way but thinks you are sweet and wants to let you down gently.

    That might mean that if you remain friends and in contact it could go somewhere, or equally one day you'll be speaking to her and she'll mention how she's just met someone else and they clicked. In short, if you want to save yourself potential grief, forget about her. If she is interested she knows where you are...
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    Hey afllk, welcome to Thesite boards :)

    It's hard getting over an ex and you say they were together for five years and as she's only 17, then I'm assuming this guy was her first proper relationship as they would have got together when she was 12.

    You need to respect her decision of just wanting to be friends. Getting over an ex takes a long time and you need to give her time to sort of grieve in a way, let her go through the emotions she needs to go through. Just be there for her as a friend, because that's what she will need right now, her friends. Who knows, maybe in time she might want more, but that's her decision and I doubt it will be any time soon.
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