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I don't think they care.

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Over the last few days my family have been more interested in someone who isn't part of our family than they have been in me in weeks, worse part is they were being interested about someone only I have contact with.. There have been moments over the last few weeks where I've really needed them to be there for me and they haven't they've made me feel worse, like somehow everything bad is my fault and nobody but me could've caused it. But as soon as they here about someone doing something exciting its all they want to hear about, and I have to sit there smiling while they act proud of someone when they can't give my achievements the light of day. Really don't know what to do. :crying:


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    Really sorry to hear family stuff isn't so great for you at the moment. Families are tricky ones for sure. I feel for you! Have you tried talking to your family about how things are making you feel? Such as when they don't make light of your achievements? I know it is hard, but hang on in there. I know what it is like when it seems like someone else is getting all the attention and focusand encouragement etc, I always felt like that when my dad paid all his attention to my step siblings and not me. I was honestly jealous of them. I think that's normal. We are human! I think, if you can, try and talk to them about the fact you have needed them etc. They can't change anything if they don't know it is a problem I guess? That's what People said to me anyway. Talk to us and please know that you are not on your own. We are here for you and I am proud of you for sure.

    Big hug

    Rach x

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    Thank you Rach. Fact is I've told them things were problematic and they still don't listen. I nearly snapped when we went out for a meal when I said I shouldn't do anything because its never right. My dad's response was "Don't listen to whoever made you think that" I immediately turned around and replied "So I shouldn't listen to you lot?" at which point things got a little frosty. Yeah I have a few social anxieties and I think they're mostly caused by them, they always belittle my interests and call me a child for still playing similar games to what I played back in primary school, that's one thing I can't tell them, I play games and keep up in my room all the time to escape reality, to have a moment where I can be me without having to worry about what's going on but they keep trying to take that from me. Yeah my family and my issues are two groups that never merge because things only get worse.
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