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Dumped because of depression

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My boyfriend broke up with me last week because I've got depression and it means I find it incredibly hard to get into college some days.
I still go to college to talk to counsellors etc because my mum wants me to continue there so I still have to see him occasionally.
The first time I saw him after he broke up with me, I cried (we didn't stop for a conversation so he doesn't know this)
That night I got put into hospital after attempting suicide.
He knew I was in hospital, but not what with, and suddenly decided we needed to sit down and 'talk'.
I came out of hospital after three days (two days ago now) and today I was back in my college because I haven't been in ages and I saw him. A bit later I was sat waiting for my appointment and him and his friend were stood outside the window I sat next to so they walked in looked at me and walked back out again.
And I've no clue what to do or what any of it means or anything. :banghead:


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hi, welcome to the boards.

    I'm so sorry to hear this *hug*

    You say your ex boyfriend decided you needed to talk, has this happened yet? If not I think you should push for that talk because I think it would be helpful to have some honest answers and thoughts.

    I hope you're doing as okay as you can be, keep posting.
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    AuroraAurora Posts: 11,722 An Original Mixlorian
    Hey DeadUglyFat,

    Is there a diffrent name we can call you? :) - I don't have any right calling you 'Dead' 'Ugly' or 'Fat' or all in one either, however, welcome to TheSite.org message boards :wave: - It's great to see you getting involved in the enviroment, and starting to post, which is great to see, you might also want to introduce yourself in the introdcution part of the forum to, which is always a great place to start if you wanted to!

    I'm sorry to hear about how things have been going on for you at the moment, it sounds rather overwhelming, but it's great to see you reaching out for support on here, which is always a great first step to take. It sounds like the relationship with your Ex is really difficult, and i can imagine what a struggle it is, did he express reasons behind why he had ended the relationship? You said you had spoken to him two days ago, how did the chat go? :) - Where you both able to express your feeling on the topic?

    Have you ever come across MadlyInLove? It's basically a site with a lot of information surronding issues around mental health and relationship and is defo worth checking out if you wanted to? It also has a variety of personal stories to.

    However, I know having mental health issues and being in a relationship can be fairly difficult and demanding on the other person to, and often taking a break from a relationship can be beneficial, and a way to encourage yourself to recover.

    You said you spoke to college counsellors, would you be able to tell us a bit about how that's going at the moment? Is it helping? I'm glad you're reaching out for support in college, that's an amazingly brave step to take!

    I'm sorry I haven't finished the above, shall respond later though,

    Best wishes,
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hi there :wave:

    How are things going? Have you been able to sit down and talk to your boyfriend yet?

    As WhispersOfTheHeart said it all sounds quite overwhelming. It's great that you are still seeing counsellors at your college though, and hopefully that's helping a bit.

    Feel free to keep posting *hug*
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hello there,

    (I don't want to call you 'deadfatugly' either because you are obviously much better than those words :) )

    Being dumped is never nice for anyone and its obviously going to be tough to get over especially with depression on top of that. When I feel down, I will write down a list of things that I love/love doing, even if its something like my favourite bar of chocolate or a funny women's humour programme like Miranda. :D (Such Fun :) ) Doing things you love will take your mind off the negative things. I remember being dumped at college and its not nice to have to see them around straight after.

    Are there any trusted members of staff you get on with who know about the whole situation? You could talk to them about it so at least then they're aware and understand. Also if you have good family support then that's always a bonus.

    Don't let a man get in the way of your studies or grind you down. You're only young and the best is yet to come :) Chin up and think positive :)

    R xx
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