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Relationship with my mum its over for good :(

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My mum has falling out with me and doesnt want to know me anymore :( she had ago at me all eveing i spoit her so much and i get shit back. She havnt bothered to ask me if i was ok and didnt care that i was In tears she left me crying my eyes out. Ive tryed talkig to her and she wont talk to me. I tryed everything also i stop doing things and buying things beause she just didnt presate it :( it made me feel so low and sudial and i just want to kill myself :( not worth living no more. I getting the inpressin that she dosnt like me and want to be around me no more :impissed::crying:Old Mad


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    *BananaMonkey**BananaMonkey* Posts: 5,462 Part of The Furniture
    Hey heather.

    Sometimes people say and do things they dont mean in the heat of the moment lovely. I am sure once your mum and you both calm down things could be different. What do you think?

    I know me and my mum have arguements all the time and we dont talk to each other but then we sort things out.

    Do you want to talk about what has happened at all?

    Your life is worth living hun. Your a lovely member of this community and I am sure once things settle down with your mum things will be different.

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    Thats hard to read and not get tears. I was in a similar situation and I still havent talked to my mother in 5 years. I hope your relationship gets fix and you gain confidence in your mother again.
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    I know it can be really tough, I can have a really rough relationship with my dad, not even going into that. But, its what parents and people in general do, even if we're nice, they can turn around and shoot it back as bad as we think possible. And I know how it can make you feel suicidal, but you haven't thus far, you've shown so much strength to post this, I know you can keep going, it can get better you just need to give it time. *hug*
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