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Giving small hints?

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Hello everyone,

I've been into a girl for about 2 and a half years now.
We like each other very much and are 2 of those people that are just very good friends, you could say I stand above the other small dozen of friends she has.

I really like her and would love to have a relationship with her, however like most people, I dont want to go full out and scream "I love you".

Instead, I just want to give small hints, showing that I find her more special than the other people.
I have no clue what kind of hints this could be, so I ask if any of you have an idea.
I was thinking to secrtly give her gum occasionaly while surrounded by other people, but thats far from enough.

Thanks in advance.


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Just ask her on a date. If she declines you know you can let off, if she agrees take it from there. Giving her gum in a group of people is not a sign. It will just frustrate you, because you want your niceness be reciprocated, which will probably not happen. Giving hints suck. Either go for it, or don't.

    Also, if there wasn't any clear sign that she likes you more than a friend in 2 and a half years then she almost certainly only sees you as a friend. Go into this with the mindset that nothing comes of it, which is the likely outcome, then the disappointment won't be so big.
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    Danny!Danny! Deactivated Posts: 560 Incredible Poster
    Hi TJFive

    It must be hard hanging out with this as a friend but wanting more and not feeling able to say it. So it seems positive that you're thinking about how you can move things forward, or at least find out how she feels.

    I’d agree with StrubbleS that small hints will probably be too small at this point. We tend to see in other people’s behaviour what we expect to see. So as you’ve been friends for a long time and you do something that could be interpreted in different ways, she’s most likely to go for the friend interpretation.

    I think you could just ask her on a date, but you don’t necessarily need to go all out straight away. You obviously have a friendship that you want to look after there as well. Maybe a bit of flirting would help you to find out if she feels the same about you, without having to make an all out declaration?

    You could maybe start by complimenting her clearly and see how she takes it. Depending on what kind of relationship you already have, physical compliments can often be taken as flirty. How would she take it if you said you liked her outfit, or the way she’s done her hair, or how her eyes look, or how she laughs?

    It does seem like you’ll need to be quite clear as you have such an established friendship relationship, but if you’ve felt this way for a long time, it does seem worth your while trying to find out more.

    Good luck!
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