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Horrendous dreams/nightmares may trigger

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Over the last few nights I have had trouble sleeping but when I do I have horrible dreams/nightmares, they all seem to be about taking my own life,

Here are a few examples,

I was out with a friend we got to her car I had written a note for her, I ran to the top of the multi story car park climbed over my friend followed me I said to her I need to do this there is a note in the car explaining all, and I jumped as I was falling I said I love u (inserts friends name) she was screaming and crying I could see that she wanted to jump time I could say anything I hit the ground and was gone.

I was with a friend we got to the train station and some boys came up to me and spat on me I lost it started hitting them then I pulled out a knife and started cutting and slicing my arms legs body and I had collapsed my friend screaming and crying trying to save me the boys were freaking out police came ambulance came bodies everywhere and they were trying to relive me but I had given up and gone and the paramedic said im sorry she has gone we done everything we could do.

I went to see philippa and got upset so went to the toilet and started stabbing and cutting my arms then stabbed myself near my heart I screamed and called for philippa, she came running in started crying and called for an ambulance philippa was doing all she could to stop the bleeding paramedics came they did everything they could but said I had gone,

Why am I dreaming all this? Sorry this thread is quite graphic sorry.

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    Mrs M it sounds like these are really troubling and distressing for you. I also suffer with nightmares.

    Something that I find helps is to try and relax myself before I go to sleep. I struggle to do this but often a hot bath and listening to relaxing music, meditation CD or an audibook are things which can help.

    Have you thought about going to your GP and speaking about these to see if there is anything that they can do?

    There isn't an easy answer to why you are dreaming like this but sometimes when we struggle to switch off or have unordered thoughts inside our heads these can transfer into dreams or nightmares. Eating before bed can also increase your metabolism which many people don't understand is related to having dreams. Medication often works in the same way as it stimulates the brain to be active and therefore continues to be active when we are asleep. A good routine can sometimes help alleviate nightmares as your body gets used to a pattern and knows when it should be asleep. Hope this helps.

    Big hugs and remember we are always here for you *hug*
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    Thank you, It was horrible typing it and im sure it was horrible for u to read, ive tried alsorts of things the dreams start nice then end really horrible I wake up crying and I cant forget them.. *hugs* thank you. X

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