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Life declutter?

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Right now I am struggling a little bit. I was hoping to starting my own business, helping a friend of mine with his business, struggling to look after my own health and thinking about doing an MA. On top of all my normal day-to-day things doing twice weekly therapy appointments going to see the doctors more frequently than I see most of my friends and little hobbies. I know that I can't carry on to do all of this. It's too much and I am burning myself out. As I speak I'm actually
In bed not even typing this because I'm that tired I'm doing it through voice dictation. I'm trying to sort out some kind of routine and schedule but it feels very difficult when my health is so fluctuating I don't know when I can have a good or a bad day. I do have people coming in and help me keep the house together and help me get dressed and washed and stuff but I don't think I'm even using their time that well. Asides seeing one friend fairly often, i don't see the rest if my friends very regularly. I'm not really doing enough for me, this one friend has kind of monopolised my time a bit and i'm really not sure if i can run my own business - i love the idea and i want to do the creative side but i don't think i can handle the business side of things. But those around me disagree and think i'm just putting myself down.

I want to achieve something, but i feel like i'm getting no where fast :/ one thing I do know is that there's too much going on in my life and I need to cut down on the things that I don't need to be doing and make more time things I want to be doing and should be doing. Any ideas of where I start?


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