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Mum keen on my friend

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Hi All

Let's say for argument's sake my name is B. I'm 28, my friend is 30. My friend has always made it clear that he liked my mum and I admit she looks good for her age. They have met a couple of times before.

Anyway, my mum went out to a night with her friend and happened to bump into a few of my friends. The one who liked my mum was there. They were obviously talking and he must have been saying stuff as she came back and a bit drunk and told me straight away that he was there. My cousin (who was also at the night) said my friend was saying to her how much he likes my mum and everything so I'm sure he must have been chatting her up.

The next day, my mum asked me to order something for her on the internet and told me to send the registation number to her phone and write it down (as she's not very techical minded).

As I went to the inbox to get the text I caught the first line of a text before from my mum's friend that said "Have you told B.." I read the text, then went back to read what my mum had sent as curiousity got the better of me and I know it's wrong and totally my fault but I still did it - I didn't think it was going to be anything bad at all. And my mum had said to my friend that she would shag my friend if she was single (she's married).. I don't know why but I felt gutted and a bit sick.

Obviously I hope nothing is going to happen but I feel like I should confront her or say something. I can't look at my mate in the same way and it's really putting me off him to the point where I don't really want to speak to him anymore. If anything did happen I would shut them both out of my life completely. What should I do?


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    Well, if your name is actually Stacey then there is not much you can do.

    In any other case I would confront said "friend" and tell him to fuck the hell off, because he is ruining your mum's marriage and you are affected just as much by that.
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    I think you should speak to your mum before your friend..
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    Hi Bouncylou,

    This has obviously really upset you, and you have every right to feel put off right now.
    It's a hard situation, because you are torn between both, and obviously your mum means a lot to you if you feel so upset.

    As laskey suggested, do you feel that you can talk to your mum about this? Its understandable that admitting you saw the text might be slightly awkward, however perhaps she will understand and clarify the situation.
    And could you speak to other friends about this and get their support?

    It's ok that at the moment you don't want to have any contact with this friend who tried it on, it's how you feel.

    Good luck and do let us know how it goes *hug*
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