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Move On Options..

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When I moved to Bristol and moved into a hostel i was told i had on average 3 months there at level 1 support (High support) then I moved out after two months as they said i didn't need that degree of support and i was too independant, what they reall meant is that hostel was mainly for people addicted to drugs and I've never touched them. SO i was moved into a level 3 suport (Low needs) andwhere i get on average 6 months, and I personally find theres more support here than anywhere ive ever lived and i really enjoy living here!.

Yesterday I found out though I have to move out again, and I'm not ready. but they've said because of my recent downfall in my mental health, that I only have these options...

1) Supported Lodings- Living with someone else as if they we're an 'older friend'
2) Mental health Hostel
3) Shared house.

BUt after along talk with my key worker, she said that she doesn't think the 3rd option is actually an option because I'm 'too high support' so she that just leaves the 1st and second option.

which I've found a fault with both of them, the 1st- I don't like living with people i don't know, I'll end up isloating myself...plus they HAVE to cook for you, which..will make having an Eating Disorder complicated..and awkward..

and 2nd- I've heard bad reveiws about the MH HOstel, plus i don't think I'd ge on well with people walking around the place declaring about their MH issues..like recent cuts, as i find it really triggering...

I've just started opening up to the peoplei live with, and bonding with them...now to be told i have to move again...after 2/3 months...Blahhh


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    Ok supported lodgings is kind like living with very hands off foster parents. The support works around you, and if you need extra support around your eating disorder then that's what they'll do. IMO that would be your best option.
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    Sorry to hear you're being asked to leave your current accommodation where it seems you're really happy. :(
    Just following on from what Miss Riot's post, have you spoken to your key worker about your concerns about the supported lodgings? Is there anyway you can meet the supporter a few different times before you decide to move in with them to get to know them? Can you also find out more about how food preparation will actually work before deciding on the accommodation?
    Also, can you visit a mental health hostel before you decide to move in to see what's it like? The reason I ask is because it's hard to vision how something will be if you've never experienced it before so it might be worth asking your key worker if this is possible.
    Keep us posted. :)
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