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How do I write a convincing personal statement for a very different masters

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I did Commercial Music BA (and got a good 2:1) and now I've found a very good distance learning MA in social and cultural theory at staffordshire (if anyone knows anything about them tell me!). I need to write a good personal statement but I'm also aware that on paper it may look like a rather large departure from my BA (which I know is fairly common at MA level), so I need to make it look like I haven't just picked this subject out of the sky. In fact I spent most of my last year studying subcultural theory and how the music of the subculture I chose to study influenced the culture, and part of doing this course is that I want to continue this research as well as being really influenced by the sophie lancaster foundation and Sylvia Lancaster's work since her daughter's death.

Are there any really good sites anyone one would recommend for masters personal statements (i'm useless with the structure for starters)?


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    Hey miss riot,

    Good to hear that you've found a decent distant learning MA :yippe: How is the personal statement going?

    I can't recommend any specific sites, but it sounds like you're well prepared and definitely not like you've picked it out of thin air! Making that connection and explaining your interest in the subject is what's important and if you can mention any books you've read that'll demonstrate you're interest as well.

    www.prospects.ac.uk is good for general information, they've got a bit about postgrad applications.

    Don't forget to mention all the well honed practical skills you learnt from your BA, like time management (:chin:) as well.

    If you haven't come accross it, Dick Hebdige is a good read on subculture.

    Best of luck with your application! Let us know how you get on :thumb:
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    Dick Hebdige's research was a big basis of my methodology for my thesis along with several others.

    I have decided to definately put myself forward for it as a february starter, there are no set hours as its distance learning and I've got the support in place for me to do it. I just need to make sure I have the mental health and emotional support behind me - my best friends are behind me, I'm not sure where my mother stands but right now that seems kind of irrelevant especially as I don't see her living with me for the next 2 years let alone the next 4.

    Not got far with the personal statement as yet I'm really stuck with what to put in it! Why I want to study at this particular uni - well I need the flexiblity of a distance learning course because of my physical health issues and the OU isn't offering anything as close to this. Why I want to study this course - because research is what I enjoy the most and when doing my BA I enjoyed writing my dissertation above and beyond any other part of my degree. I'd like to go on to help change the general view of subcultures and help foster a greater appreciation and respect for them and help the wider public understand why they are so vital to our cultural uniqueness. Previous degree relevance - other than the direction my dissertation took and the direction my head lecturer guided us in, I'm not sure a degree in commercial music is actually that relevant to social and cultural theory. Relevant experience - Been a bonefide industrial fan since the age of 11, set up rock society at my previous university. since graduating I've been unwell and other than volunteering with an online radio station I've not been doing much. Career/academic objectives - to get a PhD and write on subcultures and the importance of uniqueness and acceptance of subcultures within wider society.

    I need a hell of a lot more than that!
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