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House extension

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Hi. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out or shed some light on this issue. We've been thinking about getting a house extension for a while now as we need a lot more space, but it did seem quite complicated and we thought that moving house might actually be better. In the end we have decided to go for the house extension but we're now looking for reliable builders as it is our house and there are a lot of builders that are just rubbish. Do you think it's worth looking at something like this http://www.servicemagic.co.uk/formulaires/act366-28-request-a-quote-home-extension.htm or should I just get the yellow pages out and ring a few companies that are around us? Even though we have decided to do this, I am a bit scared :(


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    Best way is to look around your local area for people with extensions and just ask them what they thought. A good builder, like a good mechanic is hard to find, so you'll need to find someone who can recommend one.
    That said, a lot of local tradespeople live off repeat business, so they can't afford to rip you off. Just make sure whatever you do that you aren't paying upfront except for materials.
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    Thanks Whowere,

    We actually did find some builders from the yellow pages but then decided to google them and found bad reviews so I guess that was a fail. I think we might ask around the neighbours and see if they could help us out. Like you say, it is better if someone recommends them but I don't know how possible that is :(
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    Hey there,
    Finding a reliable builder can be tricky and it's worth putting in some groundwork.
    You might find this information on the Channel4 website useful - http://www.channel4.com/4homes/how-to/diy/how-to-find-a-good-builder-08-05-27
    There a number of things you can do when searching for a builder - including getting a personal recommendation as WhoWhere says. Also ask to see the builders previous work. Search for them on the internet - as you already have been. And generally see what the builder is like to deal with - e.g. are they friendly and easy to communicate with.
    Good luck :thumb:
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