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Moving Out

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So Im starting to seriously think about moving out. Im 23, its time.

I really want to find a place I can settle in and call home but at the same time I know I'll get lonely and probably become a social hermit if I lived alone. Which means I'll need a roommate for company and therefore hopefully afford a nicer place too.

How do you go about finding a housemate, let alone one who you get on with/can at least tolerate? Im very independent and like to do my own thing, Im just worried I wont really see the place as home, more like somewhere I share if that makes sense?

Any words of wisdom, or sites to start looking?


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Or would it be better to live alone so I dont have any housemate troubles?

    Or move out on my own first, see how it goes and get a roommate after if it gets lonely?
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    hey, I don't have all the answers but i'm kinda the same, i'm 25 and living with my parents because of health issues. I did move out to a house share for about 9 months during university, but it was pretty awful. I was made to feel like it was not my house as well AT ALL, I was simply someone who moved in to help pay the rent..... I think if you are serious about moving out then you need to consider a lot of things, like, can you pay the rent and have money left over for bills/food/internet/going out etc? do you currently contribute to things where you are now, such as taking the bins out in the morning or washing the dishes or vacuuming the carpets ? do you have any friends that you would feel comfortable actually living with and not just hanging out with sometimes? because it can be pretty difficult to move in with total strangers... I think you need to be able to trust who you live with and not be worried about someone sneaking into your room to steal stuff or they don't put in their fare share of housework... It is really not an easy step to make, so... I think if you really are ready then go for it, but please make sure you have support around you. Have people stay over some nights so you don't feel lonely, if you move out by yourself. Perhaps ask your parents to review the tenancy agreement before signing anything as well..
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    Hi Lexi

    Well done on making the brave decision of moving out! It can seem scary to leave the family home - especially as you've left it a little later than many, but it hopefully won't take you long to get settled into a new environment.

    There's a useful section on TheSite called Your Place and another all about renting - hopefully some of the articles in there will be helpful for you.

    Let us know how things go :)
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