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X boyfreind assault

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hey my x boyfreind lives with me. i text him and ask him to come up to talk to him about going out. he wanted sex with me i told him i wanted sex and i dont beause i was not ready for it at all. he started touching me i felt uncomable with him tuching me. then he tolk his pants of and tryed pulling my pants down i dint want it. i tryed telling him he carried on.

iam shaking top to bottom. i dont know what to do iam so scared what do i do :nervous:Old Mad:grump::eek2::crying:


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Did he rape you?
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    JamesJames Deactivated Posts: 1,706 Extreme Poster
    Hi Heather,

    That's a really horrible thing to happen and it's understandable to feel scared and confused. Are you still there now? Is he? It’s really brave that you posted here, and it's good that you’re looking for help. Is there anyone you trust who you can talk to or a safe place you can go to? Am I right in thinking that you've got a support worker? Maybe you could talk to him/her?

    If there’s no-one around now, you could call Rape Crisis on 0808 802 9999 (for free) or visit their site.

    We've got a lot of information about sexual assault and rape on TheSite that might help you to make sense of what’s happened. Maybe have a look at 'Was it sexual assault.' One of the things it says is this:
    If they sexually touched you, and you didn't want them to, the law says it's sexual assault. If you didn't consent, these are crimes.

    A common feeling after being sexually assaulted or raped is that it might have somehow been your fault. It's important to remember you never asked for this to happen. You didn't 'deserve' it.

    If/when you feel up to talking to a professional about this, you can use this site to find your nearest sexual assault referral centre. They’ll be able to give you or refer you to any professional and medical help you need.

    Hope you're okay

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